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Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning

                 SERVICE !                                 


For years, the two biggest problems with having your comic books cleaned and pressed has been the high costs involved and the length of time it takes to get your comic books back. Pop Culture Zone does not offer a Fast Track fee to get you your comics back faster. That is because our wait times have been 2 weeks or less !!

We are committed to Fast, Professional, Reliable, and Inexpensive service !!

We have cleaned and pressed over 8,000 comic books in the past year !! Our prices are by far, the lowest around. Just about any comic book that has never been pressed will look nicer after a press.

 Minimum 10 comics pressed. You may mix and match services to get to the 10 minimum.


Press and Dry Clean

$9.99 each comic book. This includes a regular heated press. This also includes light dry cleaning, if needed. This price includes any comic valued at $1000 or less.

Press and Dry Clean Same as above, Comics Valued at $1001-$2500   

$14.99 each comic book.


Double Press and Dry Clean 

$17.99 each comic book. Please email us for details. This price includes any comic valued at $1000 or less.


Double Press and Dry Clean -Same as above - Comics Valued at $1001-$2500

$24.99 each comic book.


You can mix and match services to get to 10 or more.



Shipping back to you can be media mail for a flat $5.99 per 10 comics, plus insurance, if requested.

Priority shipping would be a based on your location, also plus insurance,if requested. We recommend you insure your comics when you ship to us.


 Please insure the comics you send are not fragile, including extreme tanning, brittleness, splitting spines, weak staple areas or pieces that are barely attached.


 Comic book pressing is a process that can enhance the appearance of a comic book by removing or lessening, non-color breaking defects such as dents, bends, crunches, warping, spine rolls and indentations. It a non-restorative process that will not make a comic book considered “restored.” Dry cleaning a comic to remove or lessen soiling and any unwanted substance is also considered a non-restorative process, and is included in the pressing service when necessary (again more work would be done in the PCZ Double Press Service).


Defects that can be helped with dry cleaning and pressing are; Light creases or bends that do not break color, dents, stacking bends and spine rolls, little finder creases from reading, warping, minor spine stress, dirt (especially on white areas)

Defects that pressing and dry cleaning may help a little are; creasing that breaks color (although the crease may be somewhat better, the color loss will not improve) and stains may get slightly lighter.


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